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Harpoon entered the life of Tony Eischens (born 1978) in 1993 while visiting the militarily speaking all knowing next-door neighbor in Oakdale, MN. Before long realistic scenarios involving ASW exited the scene to be replaced by scenarios with hundreds of planes. While the DOS Harpoon 1 sometimes choked on these behemoths (not to mention the 486sx25 8MB RAM...), the pursuit of Harpoon could not be abandoned.

The jump to Winharp was a welcome step forward and soon after Harpoon II followed. Those three magical floppy disks opened up another new world. Tony stood at the Harpoon sidelines while the heavyweight Harpooners fought pitched battles. EC2000 came and resurrected the Harpoon Classic lineup. Harpoon 97 proved a worthless pile of code for Tony who preferred the clean lines of Classics. While starting college Tony built a graphical DOS installer for Harpoon II AE, Harpoon Classic, and Harpoon 97. The installer worked and accompanied a custom Harpoon CD-ROM containing what were then the current versions. By this time glorious battles with many hundreds of aircraft clashing in the skies in Harpoon Classic EC2000 contented Tony. But the database editing bug grew inside.

Jarek Zgoda took a stab at mimicking Jon Reimer's HII database editor using the Delphi programming language, Tony's language of choice. When Jarek called it quits Tony considered taking over but was too caught up chasing an electrical engineering degree. The prized jewel still remained the HC database.

As luck would have it Tony re-entered the Harpoon IRC environment at the right moment and was lucky to be chosen a beta tester for HC2002. Tony ran HC2002 on many OSes; Windows 95a, 95b, 98, 98se, NT4, 2000sp1, 2000sp3, XP, XPsp1, and RedHat Linux. Tony found testing to be enjoyable when he ignored the colossal amounts of time proper testing demands. When the rush was over Tony built the HC2002 demo stand-alone installer.

Tony's job is doing anything with electronics from designing circuit boards, etching them, and then building circuits, to programming Windows/Mac/Linux programs, to designing and supporting servers and networks; all is fair game. When not working Tony's continues beta testing HC2002, designing & building RC boats (big emphasis on Iowa class BB), working on HO railroad, playing adult hockey, rollerblading, biking, and reading Cold War books. Oh, don't forget playing Rescue Raiders on the AppleII emulator!


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