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Born on May 5th, 1968. I live in Western Germany, between Cologne and Frankfurt in a small village. Married, two children.

Im a banker and economist, PhD in 2006. Working as authorized representative and CRO (Chief Risk Officer) in a cooperative bank.

I came to Harpoon in 1991, starting with Harpoon 1.3 for DOS. The begin of a true love. Over the years I bought all Computer Harpoon stuff available and still do.

When we got Internet access in 1996 I met Saul Jacobs and all those great names of the first real community. I have always written scens for Harpoon, starting with the old DOS version.

Harpoon II was a bitter pill, since it had so much potential, but so poor performance even on the strongest machines of the mid 90ies. Lord, how long it took a Tomahawk to reach its destination. We were lucky when H2 ran smoothly at 1:1.

Thus I focused on Harpoon Classic 97 for some years.

Then Jesse Spears brought us Harpoon 3 the Windows version of Harpoon II. Great Harpoon times began. Jesse thanks again!

In the period between 2002 and 2006 my Harpoon took place at HHQ and I learnt a lot from the guys there, especially from Ragnar Emsoy, editor of the db2000 database.

Sadly, during those years I had not much time left and came back with more time around late 2006.

I later was official beta tester for Harpoon ANW and still do what I can do support the sim. Despite all ANW problems, there is simply nothing better around IMO. I love Harpoon Classic, too and support it when time allows. I felt honored when the community elected me Pooner of the Year 2007.

Other hobbies are motorcycling, long distance running, chess, reading (politics, history, economics, astrophysics, and philosophy) and giving lectures on banking and economics or writing about those topics.

Now, in 2009, Im one of the old guard. As time goes by.

Ralf Koelbach, February 2009.

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