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Jon Reimer is a self-confessed database nut. In addition to having computerized database applications for his personal use with most of his hobbies, Jon developed the H2 Database Builder application in Microsoft Access that is widely used
by Harpoon 2 and Harpoon 3 players. Jon is also on the H2002 development team where he is creating the H2002 Platform Builder which will, for the first time in the H1 -
H97 series of games, allow users to edit the game database.

Jon was introduced to Harpoon on a roommate's Mac in his college days in the Mid 1980s. When Jon bought his first DOS/Windows PC a few years later he acquired his own copy of the original game and added H2 to his collection not long
after. His involvement with the game database resulted from going slightly overboard in doing his research before actually playing the game. With the original Harpoon, he
created a paper encyclopedia of all of the ships, subs, aircraft, and weapons in the game. With H2, he began working on a way to produce an electronic encyclopedia of
the database which eventually led to the Database Builder project that was first released in May, 1999.

Jon received his schooling as a musician, has worked in database application development, and now takes care of and home-schools his and Sarah's three children: Grace, Lydia, and Calvin. In addition to his database fixation, Jon
enjoys gardening, raising orchids, reading (aviation, military history, theology), riding his bicycle, and is an avid fan of bicycle racing.


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