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I first saw Harpoon being played at a friend's house back in the early 90's.
My reaction at the time was that my friend had gone over the deep end<G>. Too many units, too many little circles, very time consuming.

Well, once I got my own machine, I decided to see how life looked dangling over the edge. Best move I ever made :-).

I searched the net and found links to Dr. Who's Harpoon Pages. From there, I found the mIRC software link and #Harpoon on Galaxynet. I checked it out. The guys there made me feel welcome immediately, and soon I was heavy into asking questions and playing HC97 (H2AE simply would not run stable on my machine).

I particularly want to thank Byron Audler, Edward Ladner, Kelly Crawford and many others, for their patience in helping me to get up and running.

A few years have transpired and I am now heavy into the HC2002 upgrade project. I am currently Tech Support Manager and Lead Tester for this exciting project and I am also an assistant HULL moderator.

I've created a few scenarios along the way as well. KolaII and III, with Byron as co-author have been very popularly received. I am looking forward to our release of the HC2002 CD-ROM and look to return to scenario development once that's accomplished.

Bruce Fenster
Tech Support Manager
Lead Tester, HC2002
Assistant HULL Moderator

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