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Born in Yakima Washington in 1967 and grew up in Idaho Falls Idaho. It was in Idaho Falls where I got the Navy bug. I read every war/naval book I could lay my hands on. Played many a warboard games with my friends. Graduated high school in 1986 and promptly went into the Navy.

Did four year tour onboard USS Kauffman (FFG-59) stationed in Newport RI. It was here that I came across Harpoon in one of it's paper versions. I was immediately hooked at the detailed yet simple flow of the game design and it's ability to add or subtract certain aspects.

I stood countless watches on the bridge as BMOW and served the last 2 years as a member of the SSDF (Ship's Self Defense Force). SSDF is a group of the ship's crew that recieves specialized training to handle other types of threats that might be encountered including security breaches, terrorist attacks, boarders, riots in far away lands that the ship might visit, and the such. Our instructors were headed by a USMC Colonel and composed of a hardened core of Special Forces types (including some paratroopers from 82nd Airborne Division) that make up the Landing Force Training Command. It was here I got a rather intense look at the various small arms (M14 Assault rifle, M60 Machine-gun, M79 Grenade launcher) that the Navy had on hand to perform these duties and the training to back up whatever situation we might have encountered. These guys taught us the concepts of using just about any type of tactic to overcome a given situation. Mostly the training centered on terrorism in it's various forms as at that time the Middle East wasn't all too keen on Americans.

The Kauffman also participated in several large scale wargames at sea. Watching from the bridge proved to be an interesting learning experience. At one point we played the 'bad guys' and managed to get within range of an American Aircraft Carrier and launch our 'weapons' at her, much to the Carrier Group's Surface Commander's dismay (not so strangely our next port visit was scrubbed--I guess revenge would be the word of the day).

Kauffman was also present during the Iowa (the Battleship) disaster in which many men perished following in a still unexplained turret explosion. Due to the nature of the situation, we were ordered to remain a good distance away in the event the fire reached the ammunition stocks and the Iowa exploded. You don't realize the true fear of such a situation until you hear Captains and Admirals screaming over the radio (I was on the bridge at this point). When something goes wrong, it really goes wrong for the Navy.

Visited many great and interesting countries while in the service, such as Malagia Spain, Torolon France (not so great), and Sevastopol USSR.

After leaving the service I eventually found myself in Reno Nevada. Here I hooked up to the internet and found myself once again playing harpoon, except this time on the computer. I finally found Doc Who's webpage and then went into MIRC chat and have been here ever since.

It was in MIRC that I finally got the urge to write a Techno-thriller novel. It took 4 years to write that first novel but I was hooked, currently working on a second novel while also running a play by email harpoon(4 paper) game.

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