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Hi there, my names Doug Panic and l'm a 29 years old from Down Under
(Australia) who's been an avid Harpooner for quite some time now.
Originally starting off with the Board game back.......well it was a
long time ago and then progressing onto the computer game when it came
out. I have to admit that l'm a bit bias to Harpoon classic 97 although
l am enjoying Harpoon II more and more. Would you believe it's taken me
almost 5 years to work the game out.

Anyway, l was born in Melbourne Australia and grew up around the
South Eastern suburbs doing what most other kids do at that time. Like
all good kids l spent quite alot of time infront of the T.V or playing
on my computer which l still have somewhere at home (It's one of the
original Commodore 64's). From there l progressed onto the Amiga and
thats where l first got my taste of Harpoon. Mind you l'd been playing
the Board game for a few years now and was eagerly waiting the computer
version. In no time at all l finshed every scenario and waited
patiently for new battleset to come out. I've done my time in the
Australian Army and l'm still serving in the Reserves which l enjoy very
much. Even before joining the Army l always had a keen interest in
anything Military and l guess Harpoon helped that along. For some
strange reason l thought l was going to end up in the Air Force and yet
l ended up in the Army. Oh well!

One of the high lights of my Harpoon Career was the IOPG battleset
and the "Storm" Scenario and l assume every other Harpooner has played
this one to death as well. My record currently stands at an Allied
Victory with 13 losses and total destruction to Iraq. Now your probably
thinking thats pretty bad but l never did like using nukes or long range
weapons, it's too easy that way. I still like going in the old
fashioned way with dumb bombs and knocking them out like that. I still
can't win as Iraq but l have a friend who says that he's beaten the
allies playing Iraq. I guess l'll have to try harder next time.
I still enjoy playing Harpoon as much as l can and from time to time
l'll put together a scenario for something to do. I have a couple
listed at the H.S.W and have a few currently in the making and looking
forward to any new submittles that come my way.
I look forward to hearing form any other fellow Harpooners out there.

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