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Well after much prompting and straight out telling me to get this thing done, by the guys on IRC here goes nothing.


I was born in Melbourne, Australia on October 26th 1966. I spent most of my childhood with my head stuck in books with the exception of my travels with my grandfather, who taught me heaps about Melbourne and what had happened in his lifetime. He was 94 when he died in 1996 so you could say he had seen a lot, and passed many excellent anecdotes on to me.

When I was about to turn 13 I was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes which ended any dreams of joining the defence forces here in Australia. I had up until then had a burning ambition to fly for the RAAF but alas that was not to be. This setback didn't blunt my interest in all things military and I continued to collect model aircraft and take part in many wargames campaigns. From about 1983 I took an interest in role playing games and my military leanings took a back seat.

After high school I attended La Trobe University here in Melbourne and after completing almost two years of a degree course in biological science I decided in wasn't for me. I worked in various jobs more to pay the bills than anything like enjoyment, although being the Warehouse and Distribution Manager for Mushroom records was a challenge and I really enjoyed the time I spent with the company. Life just sort of moved along at my own pace without much excitement. In 1987 I purchased a copy of Red Storm Rising and the following week when I returned to the store where I had purchased it, I grabbed a copy of the Harpoon miniatures rules and have been hooked ever since.

Harpoon is now a major part of my life and I spend most of my free time working on the HUD-II database which I now edit. Harpoon is such a big influence on me that I have decided to give up full time work and have enrolled in an Arts Degree at Deakin University majoring in Strategic Studies and International Relations. I decided I wanted to do something I enjoyed rather than just a job.

Other than Harpoon I enjoy fishing, Aussie rules football and the game of cricket, (I wont even try to explain this to any Americans out there) which I used to play competitively. These days I'm more of a TV sports fan than an active participant but the competitive urge is still strong. I hope to graduate in about two years and then start working for the Australian Department of Defence. I live with my partner Melita here in Melbourne's northern suburbs and I hope to meet many of the people who I now call friends, that harpoon has brought me into contact with around the world. I'm a dyed in the wool Aussie and I don't care what anyone says this IS the best place in the world to live. If you don't believe me come on down and give it a try. :-)

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