HULL Bio - Jason Tan Boon Teck

I think it is time for me come out of the woodwork and give some kind of form to my presence on the list.

I have no military nor marine background. I am a Finance & Administration Manager (read Accountant), in an auto accessories company in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. My birthplace, Petaling Jaya is not a port city and is situated inland in the Klang Valley (I have to drive 40km to see the sea). I am 29 this year (today is 23/1/99), started work in KPMG Peat Marwick as an auditor in 1990 and moved on to a construction company in mid-1995 as a Finance Manager before hopping to the present company in mid-1998.

My original ambition was to be an army doctor, but economics forced me to change my career. I'm now a floatation specialist, i.e. getting my companies listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange. I enjoy doing up systems and am en route to getting ISO 9002 for my company.

My hunting license has not been permanently revoked, as I have just reinstated my full license recently ... still looking for Miss Right. ;-)

I love to play tactical/strategy games as well as rpg's. My affinity is towards nature/outdoors and computers. I am the head my firm's MIS department overseeing my firm's IT needs and the LAN, with some occasional programming. I am a member of the Malaysian Nature Society and usually participates in birdwatching, moutain climbing and caving trips. I do squash, running and swimming to stay in shape.

Somehow or another, Harpoon has always been my all-time favourite game, ever since I got my PC in the early '90s. Perhaps it was because of my fascination with war planes since I was young. Military reference material is hard to come by in my place and I do not know of anyone else that likes Harpoon as much as you guys and gals. Maybe it's because of the lack of AV treats, or maybe it's too realistic for their liking.

I do confess that my job takes up a lot of my time that I only get to indulge as an admiral occassionaly. But I did manged to squeeze in some 0400 hours session binges recently when HUD II was released.

I hope that this would explain to you all why I tend to ask a lot of questions. I might not be able to chat on the IRC as I'm halfway across the globe from most of you and the normally seesion is a busy Monday morning for me.


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