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Hi All

My Name is Osvaldo Langhaus, Born in 1959 DEC 17

I Live in Chile and I'm a Navy Officer:

1975: Join the Chilean Naval Academy
1981: Graduate as a Midshipman.
1981-1982: Training Cruiser at "Esmeralda"
1982-1985: General Fleet Service (Lt JG)
1986-1989: Telecomunications Engineer Course at Opreations School
1990-1992: Patrol Vessel XO at South Command (Travelled 14 times to antartica)
1992-1996: At the fleet again (AAWO and PWO course in 1992)
1997 : Studying at Chilean Naval College (Mayor Staff an Comanding Oficcer course)

Married in 1994 one Kid comming in two weeks more (today is July 21, 1997)

I'm just a Harpoon2 Newbie, I bought H2 1994 version last year and now trying to get the AE version with the serious intention to became a scenery developer..

Feel free to send some lines..

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