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While I did serve in the "active" armed for forces of my country of birth, I did serve as a reserve in the Philippine Air Force. I migrated to the US in my early 20's and planted my "roots" here. I since then married and divorced with 2 adorable children whom I dearly miss.

I work in the freight forwarding industry and became a "Harpooner" by accident years ago. I happened to glance at a new copy of Harpoon (Classic, new then, hehe) back in the early 90's. I had always had an affection of strategy games and fell in love with Harpoon. I have never been bored by its abilities to simulate the capabilities of the worlds existing forces. I am no computer genius but do enjoy working with them.

Harpoon, then, and still keeps my nights alone interesting in that it allows me an escape from the REAL world to do battle with the forces of evil. I find this game one of the most extensive ever, especially in the computer versions. Although newer strategy games have caught my attention here and there, I always fall back on my Harpoon game.

I am even more "into it" now that I finally got into the 90's with access to the "web" and have joined the HULL list. It is very gratifying for me that there are lots more of us out there and that I was NEVER alone.

Someday, I will find the courage to upload a scenario I made onto the "web" for everyone's enjoyment. But until then, I play others scenarios. I find it the best way to learn and will never grow tired of playing HARPOON.

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