HULL Bio - Jarek Zgoda

So now it's my time. Born 4th May 1971 in Kielce (Poland), since 1976 i'm living in Warsaw's suburbia, Wolomin (a wild city!). Since 6th Nov. 1997 in service of Polish Army, 3rd Com. BN in Warsaw as a programmer (Delphi, Pascal, VB). No graduate (one try near succesful, 4 years of learning philosophy of St. Thomas). Wife Kasia (Cathy) - 21 y., no children. My first rendezvous with Harpoon was in late 80's, it was an Amiga version of HI. I have never see the HII or any other PC version of Harpoon until i've got a demo version of HC97 in winter'96 and i told to myself "I MUST GET IT!". It was done few months ago and the madness started... Kasia hates my HC97 ("this' Heerpiin, and what about me?!!"), she likes all pinballs and car racing games. In the Harpoon i'm interested in "brown-water conflicts" (such as the hypothetical conflicts in Baltic Sea) or studies of coastal actions in northern Europe.

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