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Well this is a first for me, so look out...
I was born 1970, at Niagara Falls, NY; I think that makes me one of your younger members... To make it short, I started out as a world traveler, courtesy of my father and the USAF. This includes seven states, {all spread apart by quite a distance, so you can include most of the states in between.} Guam and the Philippines, {and surrounding PAC Rim.} High school at SHAPE, Belgium. {Saw most of Western Europe. Graduated at Aviano AB, Italy where I met my wife to be. {And now is.} I joined the navy at age twenty, wanted to be a SEaL but my eyes are so poor I could barely hit the water after falling overboard, let alone a target at night at a hundred meters.... I digress. Made it aboard USS Abraham Lincoln just in time to see the end of Desert Storm and six months in the Persian gulf, where I served in the Reactor department as a snipe. I was discharged in '93 due to a medical condition.
I attended college in Santa Rosa, CA. after moving in with that old flame from Italy. She got an Associates in Psychology and I became an emergency medical technician. We moved to San Antonio, TX; where I now work in promotional marketing and internet advertising. My wife and I finally got married after living together off and on for six years. She is now in the Air Force and we're stationed at Lackland AFB. Told you it would be short8-}
I first saw Harpoon classic in the Aviano AB BX in '90 and could not decide if I should get it or not. I chose not, I was very much into flightsims at that time, such as F-19 Stealth Fighter, but I did also have Red Storm Rising which piqued my interest in naval warsims. My first experience playing Harpoon was aboard Abe Lincoln. The classic version had been installed on the computers in the ships library as a training tool. I was/am hooked. I now own just about everything Harpoon related. My hobbies include anything that might considered high-tech, contemporary warsims, cooking, writing, reading, {I suggest Sun Tzu, The Art Of War for anyone on this list or those who are interested in Military and Political Science as required reading.} Anyone feel free to drop me a line, my knowledge in military affairs and most hardware is pretty extensive, and I would enjoy chatting with people who have similar interests.

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