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I was born in '67, in Winston-Salem, NC. My wife, baby son, and I live in Evans Mills, NY. I hold a BA in History from Wake Forest Univ and speak Spanish fairly well. I am currently serving as a captain in the US Army (10th Mountain Division). I plan training exercises at the division level. I have been to Fort Benning, Honduras, Panama, Peru, Fort Campbell, Fort Bragg, Haiti, and Fort Drum with the Army in these past eight years.

My interest in naval warfare originated with my great uncle who used to take us to Norfolk Naval Base to tour the ships in port. I also got to watch a lot of ships pass through the Panama Canal (three years worth). I recently got a tour of the USS Phoenix (a 688 sub), what an awesome vessel.

I was first introduced to Harpoon in 1990 as a new lieutenant. I loved the attention to detail and the flexible design. I finally bought a copy of Harpoon II in 1996. I discovered Saul Jacobs website about six months ago. I was amazed at the incredible amount of support provided by the Harpoon community (love that PFEditor). Most of my knowledge of ships and aircraft is book derived, but I appreciate the experience of others on this list. I am still experimenting with scenario building, but hope to be contributing soon.

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