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Hi all, new to recreational gaming, I am a retired Navy Senior Chief, now employed doing Simulation Software Development at Logicon of Northrop Grumman. Kinda like Harpoon On-line for real Combat Systems Distributed Network Simulators. Fun way to make a living. Been in the Navy Combat Simulation game for quite a while, just getting into it the last year for fun. Playing Harpoon On-line on AOL so far, haven't been able to find a boxed set of Harpoon in a store yet. I have a substantial unclassifed Database in Excel of Platform, Weapon and Emitter Data if anyone's interested, can send a copy. Always looking for more target data if anyone's got any to share, E-Mail me. Caveat is, must be unclass, as I work in the field, I must have a verifiable source of where you found it to avoid any security hassles of having the info in my files at work or at home. Also, I have fairly substantial knowledge of real world naval platforms, systems and tactics from experience, and would be glad to help anyone out there, while I get smarter on the recreational gaming side. Again, must be unclassified stuff though. Thanks. Get in touch with me either at OpusDrone@AOL.COM or Happy Hunting.

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