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I am probably one of the very few here who do not have direct military experience. I was born in 1960, too late for the 60's, the sexual revolution, or any other anything other than the computer revolution.

I was in High School (grade 9) when I programmed my first game (can you guess it was a STAR TREK simulation); by grade 10 a friend and I had written a multi-player multi-terminal STAR TREK campaing game that run in the school board's HP2000.

I got into wargames in a big way, specially: 6th Fleet; AirForce/Dauntless; The Next War; Airwar; StarFleet Battles.

When I turned 18 I went to visit my local Armed Forces (I am a Canadian) recruiter; having been in the Air Cadets since 13 I wanted to fly. My eye sight was not perfect (damm my mother was right!) so I did not sign up, instead went to work and payed my own pilot's training program.

I have been working since then, and in the telecommunications area since 1980.

I got interested in Harpoon after reading The Hunt for Red October, and Red Storm Rising. After seeing Harpoon selling normally from $80 to $120, one day I found a Signature Edition for $25; I bought it and have been hooked since.

I have reported bugs to, and received updates from Gordon Walton directly for awhile now. I am looking forward to finding bugs in all future version.

I was married, had 3 kids, divorced, and re-married (some people never learn); my son (9) is an avid Harpoon player, but he prefers to play only the red side (they have more missiles!).

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