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Hello Fellow Harpooners! It's nice to be part of a group devoted to such a worthy simulation.

I was born Sept. 10th, 1959, in the South Texas town of Kingsville, about 30 miles south of Corpus Christi. Its "claim to fame" include the small college Texas A&M at Kingsville (formerly Texas A&I), the headquarters of the King Ranch (once the world's largest ranch), and of course, NAS Kingsville, where VT-21 and VT-22 still train Navy pilots in the art of Carrier landings and takeoffs.

I started out my studies at Texas A&I as a Mechanical Engineer, but switched to Petroleum and Natural Gas. However, when I graduated in '82, the "Oil boom" had already crashed. After a year of Medical School and a year and a half of Law School at Texas Tech in Lubbock, I decided these careers would interfere too much with my gaming. :) I eventually found my way back into the medical field, where I am currently employed as the supervisor of an andrology and cryogenics lab with the Baylor College of Medicine, in Houston, Tx.

My interest in gaming started at an early age. My dad was a Master Sergeant in WWII, having fought with the 36th "T-Patcher" Division in North Africa, Sicily, and Italy, until he made the unwise move of stopping several German machine gun rounds with his legs. I soon tired of playing with plastic soldiers and "GI Joe's" with no rules on "who killed whom", and having discovered the wonders of the "six-sided random number generator", developed my own primitive set of rules for "Garden Gaming".

Years later, I came across the Avalon Hill and SPI games, starting out with Panzer Leader, then Third Reich. I was hooked. My collection soon took on the embarrassing form of over 250+ boardgames, most of them on WWII, though with a good deal on many other topics and periods, esp. the Civil War.

My Harpoon experience began in 1987, with the "boardgame". Even had the tiny ships painted and all. Living in an Apt., I made the unwise decision that the kitchen floor would make an excellent gaming area, with its 1 foot square tiles making measurements so much easier. My wife only grumbled some, until she impaled her foot on one of the Soviet cruisers. It's vaunted CIWS was no match. Due to domestic politics, the fleets had to be stricken....

Round two with Harpoon began after the first computer version came out. Though I played it some, it had to share time with a host of other computer wargames that were coming out, esp. from SSI, and with my lack of current naval matters, and WWII / Civil War gaming background, it fell to the side.

Harpoon finally stuck with me when a friend sent me a copy of the "Harpoon II Deluxe Multimedia Edition", claiming it was "too complicated". I found it to be a very much to my liking. Still lacking a lot of current naval information and background, I searched the web, came across the Standford list, and signed on!

Besides Harpoon, my other interest include, naturally, historical gaming of other periods, computers, history, model railroading, gourmet cooking, and whatnot. I also crunch out tunes on my Telecastor almost daily. I'm divorced, with one cool grey tabby as my current companion, who never complains of my gaming, though his logic in moving my cardboard troops is very suspicious....

Regards, Stan

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