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As the newest member on this list I respectfully submit my personal information. I was born in Lincoln, Nebraska on September 27, 1947. I grew up during the school year in Levittown, Pa., and was shipped out along with the rest of my brothers and sister to a farm in Hickman, Nebraska for the summers.

After graduation from high school in 1965, I was invited by the U.S. Army in 1967 to join them on a world tour. Upon completion of basic and advanced training, I was shipped to Viet Nam where I served with the 1st Air Cav crewing aboard UH-1B slicks with the 227th Aviation Battalion. I was wounded in a rocket/mortar attack near Kontum while we were supporting the 4th Infantry Division. I was shipped out to Japan where I spent a month I really don't remember very well. The Army had decided that they wanted to hand me over to the VA system for recovery from my injuries. I had other ideas. It took several senators and congressmen to keep me in the military, but my reasoning was that I wouldn't return to civilian life until I was restored to approximately the same condition when I was inducted. The Army in their infinite wisdom decided the best place for me was Korea. I arrived in Korea in late December of 1967. A month or so later, the Pueblo incident occurred. The U.S. Army was on a war alert. I was in a maintenance outfit in the Seventh Infantry Division stationed at Camp Paine. At the time we had enough ammunition to give each man two rounds for each their M-14's. It was my suggestion that should we come under attack, we fire one round at the enemy, and use the other round on ourselves.

I was returned to the "world" in August of 1968, that world being Fort Hood, Texas, known affectionately then as "Fort Head." I was assigned to D troop 1/7th Cav of the !st Armored Division. I was supposed to take care of this units helicopter's, but the problem was there weren't any. All of the Army's helicopters were in Viet Nam. This left me with a lot of time, and nothing to do. For once I had an intelligent commanding officer who suggested that I go to school with the Army picking up the tab. I started my educational pursuit at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. I was first introduced to computers while in Texas. In those days, small and medium sized companies didn't own computers they "time shared" with a company who specialized in computer operations. I was a keypunch operator on one of these huge mammoth beasts that were known as computers. Today's pocket calculators have more functionality.

After the army, I returned home to PA, and started working for a small rubber custom compounding and molding company. I got married in 1975 and settled in Bristol, Pa. where I still reside on the banks of the Delaware River with my wife Vicki and my son and daughter Scott and Laura. My first involvement with involvement with the Cruise missile program came in the late seventies when I developed a compound used for electrical connectors in the missile itself.

I returned to school in the late eighties and obtained my B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Thomas Edison State College in Trenton, NJ in 1990. I am currently pursuing my Master's at Widener University in Chester, Pa. I am currently employed as a Senior Polymer Applications Specialist with FMC Corp. in Princeton, NJ where I do research work in flame retardants for engineering resins and other thermoplastic materials. My professional affiliations are with the Society of Plastics Engineers, American Chemical Society and the American Society for Materials.

My interests include sailing, science fiction, history, strategic computer simulation games, and upgrading older computers and giving them to deserving students at East Stroudsburg University where my daughter attends school.

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