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Ht 5'5 Wt 135 Brn hair Brn eyes
Date of Birth 2/24/63
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Apart from hair falling out, teeth falling out, and bowlegged, I'm healthy

I'm also single, for all you babes out there that want somebody to "fix"

I grew up in Tovey, Il. in the area around Taylorville, Il. It's not really on the way to anywhere, you have to just go there on purpose.

School was a mixed thing. I got awards in grade school for top grades in the class in both 6th and 7th grade, but slipped to third place in 8th. In high school I dropped out before finishing 11th grade. I would have been class of '81. In about '86 or '87 I decided I wanted to get my G.E.D., so I gave the money and took the test a couple days later. I didn't study for it but scored about 100 points beyond what was needed and finished the test two hours early which surprised the instructor a little. In '91 I went to Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Mo. There I copped the same attitude toward school that I experienced in high school and dropped out after 3 semesters.

Employment, hmmm...well, I was an Autobody repairman for probably over five years or so and in the end had my own shop for a while. I got sick of it and went to work for a monument shop making tombstones for two years. After that I started driving a semi-truck over the road in all 48 states and Canada for 2 years then drove locally pulling grain trailers and gasoline tankers for a year. After this was when I went to Bible college, but continued to drive trucks while going to school. I caught a little attention when I'd park 75 foot and 32,000 lb. of truck in front of the dorms but they got used to it.

After quiting college, I continued to live in Springfield, Mo. for a total of 4 years where I was sub-contracted to probaly over a dozen trucking companies as a "temp" driver. I've pulled vans, flatbeds, dropdecks (low boys) with oversize loads, refrigerated trailers, pneumatic trailers (unloads by air blown thru a tube as the product drops into the tube), and lastly I pulled "doubles" and pups (like you see Roadway, Yellow, UPS).

During all this I started messing with computers in college, and the last two years in Missouri I started a Fido-net Bulletine Board called Truckstop BBS. After moving back to Taylorville, Il. I continued the BBS for about a year untill I got tired of the cost, plus a couple of ISPs started up in town so I used the money I once spent on the BBS and used it for an Internet account.

I started playing H2 when H2MM on CD came out, and as soon as I found a copy of AE in Austrailia at Mainstream Interactive, I got it and here I am. I started on a WW2 database project then gave it to Paul Carrier and he has worked on it from there.

In case there are any babes out there that want to give me prank phone calls as long as they aren't "collect"or any psyco-killers who want to stalk me, here's my address and phone number (guttsy eh?, not really, I'm in the phone book and you already know I'm in Taylorville, Il.):

Phillip Windell
609 E. Cleveland
Taylorville, Il. 62568

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