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I was born in Glasgow, Scotland and I grew up only a short distance from Clydeside. I became interested in ships and submarines at an early age as we commonly saw them on the Clyde and further down the estuary. We used to go down to the Clyde to watch ships being launched from John Brown's and Yarrows, amongst other others. From this grew a general interest in all things military. Due to a disability I was turned down for the RN and as a result I am now working towards a doctorate in Biochemistry at Glasgow University.

I have been playing Harpoon for many years, first in the paper form in the mid 80's and then on my trusty Amiga. I recently moved onto a PC and have managed to acquire a copy of Harpoon 2 AE, but due to some minor problems I haven't been able to play it yet, but I will! My other hobbies include constructing models, miniature wargaming and other computer wargames such as CAW, RFTS etc. Reading is another of my favourite past-times with Sci-Fi and Technothrillers top of the heap.

That's about it folks!

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