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Allow me to introduce myself,
I am Mark Robbins...... I currently work for a educational sofware company called NovaNET Learning Inc. as a "techie" here in Champaign, Illinois via Tucson Arizona. My personal background varies. I spent almost 12 years in the Navy where I worked as an Aviation Structural Mechanic (S) or AMS to you Nav types. I spent my time in primarily in the attack community. A-4's with VA-127 out of Lemoore, Ca, then it was off to sea duty with the World Famous 95th All Weather Attack Squadron (the venerable A6-E) located in Whidbey Is, Wa and lastly in the VAQ-129 (EA-6B's) also on the "Rock". I started out a simple plane captain in the line division then moved on to work the airframes shop, then did a long time as a flight deck troubleshooter & coordinator, airframes shop supervisor and lastly, I thouroghly enjoyed myself working as Quality Annoyance Rep. When it comes to jet maintenance. I have been there, done that! I left the Navy an AMS1(AW) when the Klintonista's started to run the show and about the time the Tail Hook scandal became a household word. So with a socialist as my CinC and Tampon University in full swing, I opted to become a sand crab and left the Navy. I went to school for an AA degree, and shortly after that I went to work for Hughes Missile Systems MIS Dept, then ran a aerial lift equipment yard (so.... ya wanna buy a crane eh?) and lastly settled in with a company I love to work for. NovaNET! And if you are looking for work we always need programmers and installation technicians. So check out our web site at (sorry for the shameless plug.....)

Currently I amuse myself with a variety of hobbies. I am a 1800's to 1840's Fur Trade Era re-enactor (ie: Mountian Man or Free Trapper) I love to build knives, black powder rifles, powder horns and do leather work. Im also heavy into computer games. My top two favorites are Steel Panthers and of course Harpoon II. I started playing H2 about 2 years ago or basically when it was released. I can remember staring at the box on the shelf undecided about it, when I heard a guy next to ask the clerk if they have the new Harpoon II game. Since it was the only one in the store I yanked it for myself and pissed the guy off (since the last time I had seen Saul Jacobs, was when I was a kid back around 1978, it could'nt of been him ), and the rest is history. I also play TacOps, Great Naval Battles and I just recently got involved woth board games once again. Namely Advanced Squad Leader. Im also very much into doing web pages.....

So do look my site over. I have scenarios for a variety of games, and I also have a extensive list of OOB's and TOE's which grows daily for you scenario writers........

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