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I was born in 1971 in the small town of Alliance, Ohio.

Although I can claim no military experience of my own, I am proud of the many years of service in the U.S. Navy rendered by my father, grandfather, and several uncles. Grandpa (also my namesake) sailed aboard USS INTREPID in the Pacific during World War II, and later supervised Navy contracts at Grumman on Long Island. My father served during the Vietnam War aboard a destroyer, a submarine rescue vessel (ASR), and a WWII-vintage LST that was wrecked in a storm off Chu Lai. Uncle Ken flew CSAR missions over Cambodia and other deadly places as crew chief aboard a USAF Jolly Green Giant. Other uncles served as radar operators and technicians aboard Navy ships. Fortunately all of them made it home. Many of their friends and comrades were not so lucky.

As a child I dreamed that I would "slip the surly bonds of Earth" flying fighter jets. I built numerous models of them, as well as WWII fighters and bombers, warships, and military vehicles. In my early teenage years, my eyesight deteriorated slightly, and dashed my hopes of ever climbing into a fighter cockpit. Fortunately I discovered computers at about the same time. Naturally, the first computer program I purchased was a flight simulator -- the original version of "F-15 Strike Eagle" from Microprose. Other simulations and wargames, such as SSI's "Tigers in the Snow" and "Nam", soon followed. These games helped to kindle my interest in computer programming, which eventually grew into a career in software engineering.

In 1989 I discovered Harpoon, then in its third edition as a miniatures game, as I read the preface to Tom Clancy's "Red Storm Rising". I fell in love with the complexity and detail of the game, but immediately realized that it would take a computer to keep track of all the interactions between ships, aircraft, sensors, and missiles in a reliable and timely fashion. Unfortunately, I wasn't prepared for such a daunting programming task at that age.

Luckily, Don Gilman and his colleagues were up to the challenge, and produced a fine product in 1990. Since then, I've bought nearly every Harpoon-related product produced by 360 Pacific, then 360/Intracorp (BOO, HISS), Alliance Software, and now Interactive Magic. I've even written a few scenarios, which are currently available on Saul's web site.

I'm 25 years old now, and I live in New York City. I write device drivers and system software for Box Hill Systems. Some day I hope to get involved in Harpoon development, but at the moment I'm more concerned with earning a paycheck. I'm getting married this September, and I hope to buy a house early next year. I hope I still have time to play Harpoon...

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