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I am new to the group but feel priviliged.... so here goes.

Joseph C. Baxter, b. 09Nov65 Hometown: Bayou la Batre, AL Enlisted U.S. Navy September, 1983. Completed Personnelman "A" school in Feb 84 and stationed in USS SAN DIEGO (AFS-6) until Oct 85. Transferred to USS PHARRIS (FF-1094) and served in her until Jul 87. (PHARRIS had a role in Clancy's "Red Storm Rising" wherein she had her bow shot off by a Soviet Torp from a VICTOR. However, the prospect of streaming the towed array from the shot-off end was a feat of physical labor and engineering that always escaped us. Perhaps Tom and Larry know us better than we know ourselves.)

In '87 I left the service in search of greener pastures. I worked for a bank, a truck rental company, an insurance company, a mental hospital, a paper company that oddly enough exported lumber to Europe for furniture, a university, and a credit card company canvassing for business subscribers. Bored to hell and gone I finally realized that the greenest pastures were where I had been at the start.

I reenlisted in early '89 as a reservist drilling with MIUWU-209 out of Mobile, AL and soon after returned to active duty as a TAR (Training and Administration of Reserves, which with a few shining exceptions is a collection of the land-lubbingest bunch of laggards possible). I spent the vaunted Persian Gulf War cutting grass at the Naval Reserve Readiness Center in Kearny, NJ. My opinion both of the "War" and of the whole Naval Reserve program did a Williamson turn after our heroes returned. (Long paragraph written from atop soap snipped.)

New Jersey was lots of fun: insane traffic, chromium waste, yellow air, much inebriation, a little work, lots of old Zenith Z-248s to keep alive, Brazilian Go-Go dancers (Oi!, Gilda!), and ultimately meeting my bride in the last six months of the tour (n.b., wife is not a Brazilian Go-Go dancer).

I transferred to NAS South Weymouth, MA (South Who?) in January '94 and by late '95 I realized finally that it was the Navy and being a Sailor that I loved so much and definitely not being a Personnelman. I began working physical security and found a calling in police work. I applied for and was accepted for conversion to Master-at-Arms in mid '96 and graduated with honors from the Joint Law Enforcement Academy at Lackland AFB.

I am now the Chief Master-at-Arms (The Sheriff) for Pre-Commissioning Unit MAHAN (DDG-72) in Norfolk, VA. She commissions in Tampa (maybe) in February '98. For the Harpooners who have endured this rambling you may note that MAHAN is the lead ship for the Flight II BURKEs. She was to have been the lead for Flight IIA with the helo hangar but something went bonkers with the budgeting (no, wait, *congress* went wrong with the budgeting). I have modified the BARRY model in the database to more accurately reflect Flight II and will post it soon after I, ahem, get Tom Wenck his $15.

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