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Well, since I actually did my once-per month post, I figured that perhaps a belated bio was in order:

My name is Tom Dungan, and I am one of the kids of the group, at 27 years old. I am employed as a microbiologist/quality engineer for a Fortune 100 company, and reside in Little Rock, Arkansas (withhold all Clinton comments, please :) ). Interests other than those related to this list include guitar and travel (spent a great deal of time in Europe during the past 5 years; sometimes I just want to move...).

My interest in naval warfare stems from my childhood: stories told by my father about his days in the navy. I saved up lunch money and chore money to buy books about it (although JANE'S was a little too expensive). I've been playing computer Harpoon since it made it's debut. Didn't really like H2 at first, but this list has gotten me back to it - augmented by the fact that H'97 is awful. Other than an interest in the subject matter, I have no other background. Meager background combined with not quite enough reference books makes me appreciate the input from the more knowledgeable guys on the list.

I have been a lurker for a while, trying to get back into the H2 thing and learn something, but do want to contribute in the future. Other projects that I contributed to in past included a night-fighting module for Lucasart's "Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe." (my only claim to computer fame).

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