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My name is Martin Wills. I was born in March '60 in California (I am a native!) and I grew up in Arkansas. My father was a LCDR in the U.S. Navy, (started out as a Seaman Recruit, after making CPO he mustang'ed to Officer). He was responsible for testing and recommending Sonar systems for U.S. Navy ASW platforms, before his retirement. I have had the Navy in all parts of my life for some time now.

I went into the navy in 1980 as a Nuke EM and went through San Diego, Great Mistakes' (Great Lakes), Orlando, and ended up at A1W in Idaho Falls Idaho. While I was there, I received a NROTC scholarship and went to the University of Southern California. I graduated and was supposed to go to a Nuke sub (my father said the 'mariners had all the advantages!). Upon graduation, I was found to be medically disqualified (bad sense of humor according to the P**ker Checker!), and went to work in the Computer field.

I picked up Harpoon first as a board game in 1988/89 and spent most weekends that summer holed up in a house in Pasadena CA, blowing up other peoples fleets. I didn't get a tan that year (Thanks alot Larry!!!!!). I bought the game for the computer as soon as it hit the stores (back when 33mhz 386's were king!) and I have been playing on and off since then.

I now reside in Bentonville AR, with my wife, 5 year old daughter, and 1 year old son, were waiting for mom to deliver another child in June. I work for Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (lowest price always! (sm)). I work as a computer systems designer/programmer, developer and shagging shopping carts at the local SuperCenter (no joking!). In my spare time I manage my real-estate holdings and work as a Deputy Sheriff (doing mostly DWI enforcement).

The other games I like to play are Perfect General (Now I know why the Russian's call heavy artillery "God's Fists!"). Sure makes me wish we had a couple of 16" (406mm) rifles on active duty! Some day I hope to undertake a similiar type of game and program it in Java for distributed play (Anybody have the game database in a form to be read into a commercial database?).

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