HULL Bio - John McKellar "VVar/V\onger"

This ought to be rather short since I'm only 15 years of age at the present, and can't remember much of the few years I have been alive. I was born during the Summer of 1981 in Savannah, Georgia and lived the first half of my life with nothing more than a vague idea what could happen if Reagan and Gorbechov decided not to get along. I don't remember any of the Falklands War, but I do remember my father going off to the Naval Reserve Center every month. He attained the rank of Commander before retiring and I still get to listen to his stories about being the head porkchop on a frigate in the Atlantic during the Vietnam War.

I remember more after that. I remember seeing Soviet tanks on T.V. attempting a coup, and I remember seeing my older half-brother go off to Saudi Arabia as a truck driver for the U.S. Army. The university counted him absent for the time he was gone but he now lives with his wife and young son aound Charlotte.

In the past two years I have begun to see what is going on around me, and what has happened in the past, and aided my a sharp intellect and an annual pilgramage to Duke University every Summer for schooling I've begun to form my own opinions and shape my own personality and life.

Of course, this isn't allowed in high school, and as of late my life has been consumed with this struggle between the assimilating and brainwashing powers of a established institution and my need to retain my personal way of thought.

All this has resulted in my swings from hard pessimisim to exquisite intellectualism to regenerative child-like play and insanity. On the average, I'm just plain bored, and for lack of anything better to do I'ved over-analyzed everything to the point where I can understand everything, and I just sit and wait for it to happen.

Other than being insane, I play Baritone/Uphonium in the school band, and am a Star-rank Scout with Troop 30 in Savannah, GA, with whom I have just finished up a 6-month term as Senior Patrol Leader, the OTC of the Troop in naval terms.

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