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To start things off, here is mine:

Rodney W. Harper, Aquatic Ecologist. I am married, with three pre-teen daughters (becoming teenagers very quickly). My hometown is Bayou La Batre, Alabama and currently I live in an adjacent town of Grand Bay, Alabama.

My background is in Naval Aviation (VR-46) and later U.S. Naval Intelligence. After several years of naval service (active and reserve), I gave it up to become of police officer. I was a cop (Mobile, Alabama) for a few years, went back to school and became a Biologist. Now I play in the mud, walk in the rain and spend most days in the isolation of swamps and marshes around the world. My specialty is freshwater fish ecology. I have recently returned back to school where I am pursuing a Ph.D. in marine Science.

My gaming experience is mainly computer related. I have been a Harpoon player since the first PC version. I was an external tester for EC-2000 and Harpoon Classic 97. My other credits for games are: Steel Panthers II, Age of Rifles and Star General. Presently, I am creating a new game for the OS/2 and Windows95 community -- Codename: Tsunami. It will be a naval warfare simulation from many periods of history.

With the help of Saul Jacobs, and Kolin Hand, I founded the Harpoon discussion group and have immensely enjoyed the game since.

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