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I'm a 47-year-old WASP who grew up surfing in Southern California and can't seem to get out of here. Was in college during Vietnam and served in B Company (B here when you leave, B here when you get back, B with your girlfriend while you're gone...). I am married, and have two sons. One is an artist in San Fran and the other an Army sergeant at Fort Lewis, WA, who served in Korea during the nuclear inspection fracas a couple years ago and was injured in combat there (in the fighting that "never happened"). He's fine now, though. Sending your kid to do battle in a foreign land can give you perspective that you never had before.

I'm a career police officer, currently a Lieutenant for a city of 100,000 residents. I've spent a lot of time as detective bureau commander, but right now I'm assigned as project director for a large computer/radio network upgrade. I'm also the SWAT commander, which sort of automatically makes you a gadgeteer. I have a BA in Public Administration and am one thesis short of an MA in the same subject.

My hobbies are racquetball, deck hockey, and running (make that jogging 'cause I'm so slow). I'm a Kings (hockey) and Dodgers fan, and therefore know the agony and the ecstasy. I've been playing Harpoon since the first day the first version was released. I believe I have every Harpoon product ever made or posted on a bulletin board, with the exception of retail Admiral's Edition. I thought I'd milked it for everything it was worth until I happened to run across Saul's page one day last year. Now I'm spending about ten times as much time on the computer as I used to, playing harpoon and reading the digest. I asked my wife if she wanted a divorce and she said she'd think about it and e-mail her decision to me.

Thanks once again to everyone connected with these lists--you guys are responsible for thousands of hours of enjoyment and we appreciate it.

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