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Like most people I was born at an early age. :) I grew up on a small cattle farm ~40 head in S. Indiana and spent most of my youth hunting and fishing. I received a 4yr scholarship from the USAF to attend college in Electrical Engineering at Purdue in 1990. After a year I decided EE wasn't for me and left the scholarship and ROTC behind to return to what I knew...critters. I graduated from PU in 94 with a BS in wildlife Science. I had so much fun field trapping rodents and seining creeks for darters and sculpins (Rod i'm sure you can relate :) I stayed on to get a MS as well. After learning more about the definition of "harm", Sweethome vs Babbitt and section 7 than any sane person wants to know..I graduated in 96 with a MS in Environmental Policy specializing in Endangered Species. Since then I have been looking for gainful employment in my field but to no avail yet. (guess everyone did shoot, shovel, and shut up :9)

I am a avid wargamer especially H2 and never tire of trying to win from the underdog side. (I once created an "alamo" scenario with the Independence(alone) surrounded by 2 kuznetsovs(good airwings), 4 Kirovs,3 slavas and 6 Udaloys....I lost my ship but won a moral victory :)

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