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My name is Tim Lanzendoerfer, I was born and live in Wiesbaden, capitol of the state of Hesse, in Germany.

I am 17 years old currently, but that changes every day. My interests beside Harpoon are reading, writing, playing cards and various other computer games. This includes Steel Panthers 2, Civilization II and flight sims.

I still go to school here in Wiesbaden. After that, I don't know - maybe I'll go to the Bundesmarine.

I came to HAproon when I saw it lying on the shelf in a shop here, and searched for feedback on the web. I found Saul's pages, and saw what huge support Harpoon had. So I bought it and I am pretty happy with it. That also means I have to thank Saul for these great pages, without them I'd have missed a bunch of very nice talks here. That's it mainly.

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