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Now that I've surfaced - a quick bio from a "lurker".

Almost 40 with a wife and two boys (9 & 11). I started wargaming with my brothers at age 12 with AH's Midway and Guadalcanal. Ultimately built a library of about 20 game titles. Discovered Harpoon miniatures about 1990 and found the computer game a year later. Not then having a computer at home I used to stay late at work and play it on my secretary's 286. I'll never forget how my heart pounded when missiles appeared headed in my direction in my first playing of Dawn Patrol. Now I own a Pentium 120 and H2.

I am a sales rep for Fox River Paper Co. living in the San Francisco area (Livermore).

A military brat, I come from a long line of Marines. I served four years myself in the 2d Bn, 3d Marines (Rifle Plt Cmdr, Bn S-2, Rifle Co. XO). A brother is making the Marines a career. He is now a Major and F/A-18 driver.

Thank you Saul and Tom and everyone on this list for keeping Harpoon alive.

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