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My name is Robert Williams, aka Snakedr39@AOL.COM,,Barnacle Bill on Harpoon Online.

I am 40 years old, born May 22, 1956 in San Antonio,Texas where I now reside with my wife and two boys. I work at Southwest Research Institute in the Automotive research division. For you chemical warfare stockpile advocates out there SwRI is also contracted for JACADS(Johnston Atoll Chemical Agent Disposal Site) where all that nasty chemical stuff goes to die. I was an Army brat, so we traveled fairly extensively most of my early life, one tour in Germany(Bamberg), and then mostly back and forth between Ft Hood,Tx(a subdivision of Hell on earth), Ft Sam Houston,Tx and Ft Rucker, Ala. Dad was in aircraft maintenance most of his Army career and that is where I developed my interest in aircraft. I spent eight years in the US Army as first a 67Y(AH- 1 Cobra maintenance) and then flew for 7 yrs as a 93B(aeroscout observer).

I am a hardcore wargamer and have been wargaming most of my life. I play most boardgames and several of the more popular computer games also. I am presently playing WIF(World in Flames) a sadistic Australian's vision of World War II (my favorite war, if a person could have a favorite war). It is actually a very good board game. I also build military models and have an extensive collection of unbuilt models which I am constantly adding to, much to my wifes constant protests. It is through this wargaming that I became addicted to Harpoon first as the miniatures rules in '81 and then the computer version in '89. Now that Harpoon 4 miniatures rules are out I got the word from Larry Bond that I can trash the hundreds of ship charts I have accumulated for Harpoon because they changed format and start over. Oh well.

This hopefully gives some insight into my twisted mind. Thanks everyone for keeping this great game(Harpoon in its many incarnations alive). Im sure Larry Bond and company dont mind the money either. Just kidding gang.

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