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Aloha to all....

I'm mostly a lurker in the discussion group...have enjoyed playing the original Harpoon (I remember swaping defective disks by mail to someplace in Texas), looked forward to H2 (only until I found my trusty 386 with 4mg of ram wouldn't even run the game at 1sec on some scenario's), but enjoyed it more when I upgraded.

No naval experience other than 15 years of sailboat racing (TransPac, Pacific Cup, Vic-Maui, SF Bay and offshore No. Ca.). Was drafted in 1967 and did 1 tour in Nam with the 227th Aviation Battalion attached to the 1st Cavalry Division. Now it's a heavy metal division based at Ft. Hood.

Live in East Honolulu and work near Pearl Harbor. When I go to the Arizona Memorial, I look up to the Ko'olau 's and think of the sailors and soldiers who were there that day. And I marvel at the route taken by the torpedo pilots who did so much damage to battleship row.

Got an uncle who was in the engine room of a destroyer in the Pacific, an uncle who was with the 1st Marines from Guadalcanal to Iwo Jima (and was in a staging camp for the Japanese invasion when the bomb was dropped), an uncle who was in the 3rd wave at Normandy, and uncle who was with Patton in No. Africa and France. My father was Army medical in Iceland during Korea, and I was in Nam. Everyone came back. Just amazing.

Good luck to all and especially to those who are doing the database work....I haven't got it working yet, but am looking forward to more accuracy and an expanded platform.

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