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Bob here....Ye Gads! do I feel old... I was born in July of 1956, in Washington DC.

My first strategy game was good old Tactics II. The first Naval one was some awfull naval game on the Atari. Anyway..... I dit the Avalon Hill thing from Afrika Korps to August 1914, although I don't think I ever finished that game (probably thousands of counters still scattered around the Washington DC suburbs.)

Played Bismark, Jutland, Harpoon was a natural, and since I couldn't find anyone interested in mil gaming bought a computer and did the 360/Harpoon thing. So it goes....

School in Maryland and Virginia, two years ROTC but darn it, denied due to MVP (heart murmur). Worked at IBM 13 years with Federal (mostly Navy, Marine and Customs contracts, some IRS, in things computer related). I am now a Fanniemae (not the chocolate company) still working on things computer related. Try to keep touch on what's happening in the armed forces esp. Navy.

Have a good one folks.

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