Well, here it comes, my story so far.

Name: Rick Stil
Born 17-01-1961in the Hague, the Netherlands.

Education: well, nothing really, finished Highschool, wanted to get into the military, but just missed the boat. Studied English and Home-economics(?) did not finish it but still got a BA. Started as a computer-operator in 1986, but had been into computers in 1980 (Spectrum 48).

Married(Esther 34).
Two kids(one natural(Suzanne 8), one adopted(Bury 6))
Loves SF reading(anyone) and movies(all of them).
Loves Clancy, Brown, Hackett, you name it, i've got it
Loves Z-rated movies.(Van Damme)
Loves Bimmers(and owns one)
Loves Planes(F-14,A-10,Harrier GR), trains(Dutch/German) and automobiles(Lambo's, Aston Martin, Bimmers, Vector, ISO)
Started with modelkits way back in 1967 and still, sometimes, makes one.
Started with military history in 1974, from WWI thru WWIII(:-))

Plays way too much HC and H2AE (Rick come to bed it is 1 o'clock! Yes dear, just one minute(does become 2,5 hours)) Also plays SWOTL,Grand Prix II, Doom, heretic and Quake(sorry) Started playing Harpoon when it came out on 51/2 360Kb disk on my,then, ultra fast 286-16, and never loved any game more! I love to make my own scenario's and 'published' some, I am currently learning H2AE and recently joined the WWIII-group, but I haven't contributed much upto now.(sorry guys).

I'm currently working at the Erasmus University Rotterdam as a Senior System developer/Application developer working with Oracle/Developer2000/WinNT. Started with IDMS/COBOL. Hate it, but it beats sitting at home:-).

Could go on for weeks but will stop now.

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