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Rick Peattie 32yrs old.

Navy dependent for 16 years, lived in Jacksonville N.A.S, Charleston N.S., Bethesda MD, Rota Spain, Pearl Harbor Hawaii, Concord CA, NWPNS, and finally San Diego.

------High School
Four years in the Army Airborne, SSG Grunt--Squad Leader--1/509th Airborne Battalion Combat Team, 1st and 4th Battalions of the 325 Airborne Regiment and then 3 years teaching digital electronics at FT. Gordon GA. for the TADS/PNVS on the AH-64. Got out, went to New York and worked in the Defense Electronics Industry.

--Big D.
Back to California and the Aerospace Industry, Worked in Quality Assurance (Not the Hubble) other NASA projects. Working on a C.S. Degree Now working as a Quality Engineer for Callaway Golf Company. Played (well collected) all the SSI,GDW, AH boardgames. Military Modeler, History Buff, Weapons Technology- Love Steel Panthers, SP2, Pacific War, and especially Harpoon.

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