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Well, looks like I'm one of the oldest members here, being born in '52. Other than two years in Omaha, I've lived all my life in the Indianapolis area.

Married in 73, graduated from IU in 74 (BA, Forensic Studies). I have three teen-age boys, two in college now.

23 years as a Deputy US Marshal, the last 12 as supervisor. Closest I came to the military were two SOG (Special Operations Group) assignments, Vandenberg AFB and the Naval Base at Bremerton.

Game playing began when someone gave me a boot-leg copy of Red Lightning followed by a legal copy of Patton Strikes Back from my wife (boy, did she learn to regret that). I actually played it so much I got a case of "mouse elbow" and had to lay off for a couple weeks. I tried a lot of "shoot'em up" games like A-10, F-117, and Silent Service before I got hooked on Harpoon. Presently, I prefer HII, but find myself falling back on HC when I become too frustrated.

I spend most of my time here lurking, not really having the experience or knowledge to add to most of the discussions. I also subscribe to the WWII list and love to read the first hand reports of WWII vets when they reminisce.

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