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Having watched 40 or more bios pass by my screen, I guess it's time to reply.

My name is Richard Rogers and I currently live in Albuquerque, NM with my wife. We have one child, a daughter, now all grown up and married. I'm a grandfather three times. I guess I'm one of the older members of this group as I'm nearly 52 (although I noted that Saul has a few years on me).

Grew up near Cleveland, Ohio. Joined the Air Force right after graduating from high school in 1963. Spent three years in SAC working upon B52's with Hound Dog missles. The last year was at Beale AFB in California where I spent the remainder of my time working in the wing command post. This was interesting because Beale was just bringing up the 1st squadron of SR-71's. I was impressed by it then, and I still don't think much, if anything, in the world can outperform it now, 30 years later. Upon leaving the Air Force I went to work with Lockheed in Sunnyvale CA and worked upon the development of the Poseidon missle for a year. That's about the extent of my military related experience.

To get a BSEE I attended college while in the service and after, finishing at San Jose State. Since then, I've added post graduate courses at the University of Colorado and University of New Mexico.

In 1968 I went to work for Signetics, one of the early Integrated Circuit companies. One of the first circuits I was responsible for was an 8-bit RAM. Yes, I said that right. The number "8", a single digit. At the time it was one of the largest chips made. I participated in the growth and development of IC industry. It is very likely that there are chips in some of your PC's or peripherals that I had a hand in developing or producing. My current position is the Microcontroller Operations Mgr. for Philips Semiconductors. I still have numerous engineers working for me around the world, but I spend most of my time now, running a business.

My current hobbies are woodworking, flying, gardening and (of course) computers.


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