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Well i won't call myself one of the "older" ones of the group only more experienced.

I was born in '43 in the middle of the war in Buffalo, NY. Typical grammer school, high school, and college "try" except that for as long as i can remember i would read books about military stuff, especially ww2.

Joined the AF and trained in airframe repair. Went to all the speciallty tech schools but left the service because of all the BS. No lifer here.

Althought i have digested my share of tech courses i am not degreed. These were all of a mechanical design nature.

For the last 27 years i have worked for the same company, which produces a full range of centifugal air compressors. I work in the r&d/product group and do work with piping, intercooler related, and rotor/gearing stuff. All of our design work now done on a mainframe CAD system so i work with puters and then come home and play with them.

I am divorced, have 1 daughter and 2 grand daughters.

I have been playing Harpoon since 1989 or so and i have all the versions except AE and the windows classic. I also mess around with Falcon (mig-29/hornet), 688, silent service, aces of the pacific/europe/deep. I also like all the car race sims, nascar1/2, gp1/2, and indycar1/2 & i am also into street rodding.

Read a lot of clancy, bond or anything in that vein. Well thats enuff, hello to everyone because its you guys that make this list interesting and thanx to Saul, Rod & Tom and all the other guys who do all the bull work, keep it up.

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