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Greetings all,

I'll toss my Bio in here.

My name is Paul Carrier, i'm 38 years old, was born and raised in Portland Oregon. Went to the Benson Polytechnic High school where i majored in the aviation shop. Some how i ended up joining the Army in the fall of '76 on the delayed entry program, going on active duty in Aug. '77. Did basic at Ft. Leonard Wood Mo. ( Ft. Lost in the Woods ;') and Infantry school at Ft. Benning. Spent the year of '78 in Korea with 1st BN 17th INF (M) as a APC driver/radio operator/ assistant FDC. Rotated back to Ft Lewis and joined 2nd BN 2nd INF as a mortor gunner but moved to the Bn maintence section as dispatcher after a couple of months.I left active duty in July of '80, didn't care to put up with the dopeheads.

Joined 3670th Maintence company Oregon National Guard soon after and started at the local comunity college studing mechanical engeneering. After two years of that the needs of my growing family (wife Donna, Cynthia 15, Sarah 9 and Gwendolyn 7 ) i went back to the trade of my youth, painting. Been with the same firm since doing averything from small starter homes to 6000 sq ft plus custom houses, with a good deal of comercial work too. Played a few wargames in highschool but was mainly interested in history. I started playing Haropoon for DOS in '91 when we got our first computer and added all the diferent battlesets when i could find them. Didn't get H2 until this summer when i finally got the box upgraded to handle it. My current Harpoon project is a half baked idea to build a WW2 databse, its slow going since i just moved to a new Guard unit and we're still getting up to speed.

Looking foward to getting H97 soon (maybe i'll win one of the contests).

Good Hunting,

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