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Not much to say. My real name is David Mullins, 3rd geneartion moon, thanks to the comic strip. I live in Hebron, Indiana, about 40 miles from downtown Chicago.

I never served in the military, got a good job out of high school. I work for a company that manufactures food processing machinery. I handle all our customers repair part orders, 6,000 customers in over 100 countries. It's kind of interesting, I've met people from all over the world, whether they are in for training or just touring the plant.

The first naval game I ever played was "N.A 86" on a 512k Mac. Started playing Harpoon when it was first released for the Mac in 89? Found out about it in "Red Storm Rising" and I've kept up with the game ever since. I now use a Mac with a DOS card, so I run both the Mac Harpoon2 and H2MM. It seems to run better on the Mac, but H2MM has a few features, other than the scenario editor, that the Mac doesn't have.

I hope to be sending my first scenario to Saul soon, I've made a few, but I wasn't happy with them, this one seems to be alright, so far.

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