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Never one to shy away from the limelight....(And a little self indulgence!)

I was born of poor yet humble parents in a San Francisco hospital not 22 years ago (This makes me 21..Ta-da... My mathematical abilities have not waned since I graduated!). The father is Irish, the mother Greek. (And no, barring the theatrics, I have nothing particularily against Turks) California was my home for a grand total of five years. The Dublin 'till 85. Then Belgium. In '90 I arrived back in Dublin and have been stuck here ever since, barring the odd foray to NY or North carolina. BTW, the family now live in S. Korea.

Unlike, it seems, about everyone else on this list, I do not have any military experience, neither am I likely to have any in the near future. I considered it, but decided that the hours wouldn't agree with me. Graduating with a degree in Business and legal studies, I am perfectly qualified for my job in IBM as tech support for Aptiva home PCs. (?!)

My interest in things military began when my father bought me a 1/35 Leopard tank, and it has rather grown from there. In my second year in college (On the rifle range) I encountered a gentleman who introduced me to the college gaming society's copy of Harpoon v3. A miniatures man at heart, I take great joy out of my scratchbuilt fleets and (non-scratchbuilt) Command Decision armies. To my siblings' great regret, my preferred computer games are long, boring, slow ones which take up our entire hard drive and he doesn't like. And yes, I am one of those people that bought a new computer just to play H2, working until 87 with a Spectrum 48K, and '94 with an 8088!

Die with Honor

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