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Mikhail E. Arkhipov, born 1963 in Moscow, Russia. Married since 1983, no kids.

I don't have any relations to army/navy or air force. Was 45 days in army for basic training (mobile comm relay stations). It was required in the USSR for every male student during high education.

Graduated 1986, applied mathematics. Since 1982 worked on many computer systems (mostly embargoed at that time ;)) like VAX, PDP, General Data. In 87 got a PC and started programming in C.

In 1990 together with three other guys I've started private software company. We are developing advanced raster editing and raster-to-vector conversion software for scanned mechanical drawings, maps, etc. We are selling our software worldwide through several western companies. My wife is our lead Windows programmer.

I started playing Harpoon in 1990 - got a copy from a friend. Pirated copy, of course - nobody was selling games in Russia at that time. It only had a single battleset. Since I could not get another one, I stopped playing for several years. In 1994 when I was in USA, in one of the software shops I found a copy of H2 and immediately bought it. In 1996, browsing the net, I found this list.

Hobbies (other than Harpoon and military-related things):
SF books (Philip Dick, Kurt Vonnegut, some Russian authors).
High-end audio, especially tube-based equipment
Sport cars and high-speed driving
Strategic computer games: Civilization, Sim City, Railroad Tycoon.

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