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I'm 26 yrs old, born in Mons, Belgium and living in Vancouver, B.C. (Canada). I am an avid, though not fanatical, wargamer. I began with D&D in grade 8, and evolved into Harpoon a few years later (1985-6, I think) and now also play a whole bunch of other games including ASL, WiF, Command at Sea (ya!), PCCS and many, many other mainly contemporary era wargames. Harpoon (all versions) has always been my favourite, although not necessarily most played, game. Finding willing opponents and sea room was not always easy.

Following high school, I spent my First Year in Beijing learning Mandarin. I unfortunately had to leave 10 months later due to a rather bloody incident (4 June 1989) and continued my studies at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. I graduated with a degree in History, with a hefty sprinkling of other courses including PoliSci, Chinese & Japanese. Languages have always been one of my areas of interest and I also speak French and sort-of-speak Spanish.

I work for a geophysics company (history = geophysics, huhh??) based in Vancouver and as a consequence I am often out in the bush somewhere working on a survey. I have worked throughout B.C. (it's a big place!), the Yukon, N.W.T. and, finally, overseas (Ghana). The next big project takes me to Brazil. The primary surveys I have worked on are Induced Polarization, Mag/VLF and the occasional Max/Min (EM) survey. In the near future I hope to find work in the mining engineering/consulting end of the industry in project services (especially overseas!).

Apart from gaming and working, my interests are reading, computers, photography, collecting Franco-Belgian BD's (comics) and travelling. I also love skiing, having grown up in Rossland, B.C., literally 2 minutes from the ski hill. (Red Mtn.)

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