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Another lurker unmasks:

Matthew Hetzel, 21, Chemical Engineering student (year 3 of 5) at Texas Tech University in scenic Lubbock, TX. No job during school year, but a programmer during summers/holidays for Pabst Brewing Company. Not quite what I plan on doing 2 years from now, but the pay is better than flipping burgers.

Got interested in military matters from my father (now retired USAF); specifically -- of course -- airplanes. Always went to every Air Show I could. The most distance I travelled for an air show was from San Antonio, TX to Dayton, OH, about five or so years ago. Great show. This interest gradually expanded to all military stuffs. I had always planned on going into the service, but in recent years (the last four or five years) I really decided that the pay was better on the outside.

Started playing Harpoon about 7 years ago (Version 1.1; still have the 5.25" floppies somewhere around here.); purchased the Scenerio Editor about 6 months later. A year or so later, began playing the miniatures version -- heavily simplified rules (couldn't find any other people my age who wanted to play full out) Harpoon dropped back on the priorities list shortly thereafter. . . cars, jobs, other interests. . . Found a discount copy of H2 floppies last Christmas (about $5) and purchased it. Found Saul's pages and the H2DG shortly thereafter. After about a week, I couldn't take it anymore; I went out and bought H2MM. Other than running short on time, it was going along fine 'till I recieved NT Workstation 4.0 this Christmas; If anyone knows how to run H2 under NT without rebooting under DOS, lemme know. . .

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