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My name is Kei Hirao, first name is pronounced as letter "K" but don't even try my family name. No one succeeded during my 12 years overseas. I am 31 years old working as a software engineer and like most Japanese citizen, have no experience in the armed service.

My first contact with warships was when I was 7 or 8, then living in Athens, Greece, JMSDF Training Fleet paid a visit there and we were invited aboard TV-3501 Katori and DD-119 Aokumo. Seems this set the trend and when I saw the Harpoon boardgame next thing I was doing was figuring how to setup the JMSDF fleet. The original Harpoon game on PC just trapped me and I ended up acquiring just about anything that had to do with Harpoon.

As I have no service record, all my knowledge are limited to those from the books. For such a bookshelf admiral, this list has been a great source of knowledge and fun for me and I hope this continues for years to come.

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