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I'm 33 years old, and single. I'm an avid fan of S/F (favourite s/f author: tie between Drake and Weber; fave non-s/f author: Clancy) and wargaming.

In the boardgaming world, my favourite games are SL (_not_ ASL), Starfleet Battles, and Air Superiority. (Haven't got ASL or TSOH)

In the past, I've played everything from Flat Top and Dauntless, to boardgames like Monopoly. I'had a home PC since about '86 (an AT clone), and have continuaously upgraded to my current 486DX/2-66 w/16MB (Warp 3)

I've played Harpoon since it first came out and have all the Battlesets, including the HC CD. (Anyone want my original diskette copy of H1? :) I've since bought H2 (which Mr. Carrier has since bought) and H2MM; unfortunately I haven't seen H2AE.

Other computer games I like include (but aren't limited to) Doom, Dark Forces, Ultima 6/7/8, X-Wing, Falcon 3, Tornado, USNF, Aces Over the Pacific, Master of Orion, Indycar, NASCAR, and XCOM: UFO Defence.

I was born in Peterborough, Onatrio (Canada for those that don't have a clue) and moved to Montreal, Quebec (yes, I speak French) when I was three years old. Upon leaving school after studying physics, I ended up in the USN flying E-2Cs with VAW-120. After getting injured (jumping off of - not _out_ of - an airplane) I was decertified for flight duty and "promoted" to a job, the name of which I can't tell you without killing you first, where I spent the remainder of my commission until I left for civilian life. I returned to Peterborough where I hunt and fix cars for a living.

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