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Another lurker has come out of the dark shadows. Guess Saul will have to step aside for I will be 61 next August. Born in Los Angeles, moved to a little town close to LA called El Segundo. From there I enlisted in the Navy and served ten years and decided to try something else after getting married and fathering two children. I did and retired from the US Postal Service four years ago after putting in almost 30 years. I now live in a town 75 miles north of LA. Got tired of the goings on there. I now work with the LA County Sheriff's Dept (yes they are way up here) as a volunteer helping out where I can. I also worked the last 14 years with a youth group called the US Naval Sea Cadets. This makes it nice for I can do cruises on some of the newest Navy ships.

Love Harpoon2 and Harpoon97. Play Harpoon97 more for I have a 486DX-100 and some times I get major slow downs in Harpoon2. Have tired several other games such as TF1942, Aegis, and 5th Fleet. Thinking about trying Battleship by Hasbro. Harpoon is still by far the best. Back to the dark shadows.

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