HULL Bio - Jeffrey Kent

born in 77' in Olean, New York.
Lived near Sacramento, CA since 86'.
I currently attend college and work at Taco Bell. And I think I am majoring in History.

I played the original harpoon computer game (1.3) back in 91' After looking for harpoon 2 for a long while I finally got MM in 95'. No military experience as of yet, except that I did apply to West Point, but they were hoping that I did something called student activities, whatever those are. :-)

I've read a few books on Military tactics, and I read Morrison's Naval History of WWII. But in all honesty, I get most of my tactics out of Tom Clancy and Larry Bond books.

My other hobbies are watching the Buffalo Bills lose, reading history books, computers, and guitar.

I've been on this list under a few different e-mail addresses for over a year. Yes, I am the author of the Jeff's scenario list web page on Saul's site, and yes I do plan on finishing befor the next century.

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