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Hi all,

I'm a 42 year old kid still playing with computers as a hobby and part of my job. Monday to Friday I'm Informatics Resource Nurse for the major downtown teaching hospital in Vancouver, BC. Still inventing the job but it includes administering a clinical system and a Novell LAN in my spare time. Spent 12 years working acute inpatient psychiatry but decided to get out before I ended up on the other side of the desk.

My first computer job was operating an IBM 360-30 when I was 19. Went on to operate 370's but stumbled into health care by accident and found what I wanted to do. First found Harpoon shortly after its release in Canada and began playing it on my girlfriend's 8088. Several women later, I still occasionally play the gauntlet scenario on the Pentium for old time's sake. Love H2 for the realism and HC for just relaxing.

My only military service was land reserve as a teenager, but it did impart a certain respect for weapons and those who wield them for my protection. Well, that's long winded enough.

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