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I have a little of time, so I would like to write my own story. I hope my english is not too poor and you will understand what I want to tell.

So, I was born in March 1968 in Paris (France). My relatives where really anti-militarists. I met wargames on Atari many years ago with M1 Tank Platoon, Red Storm Rising and other games like this one. I bought the printed game Second fleet, and spent hours with it. I have never played with Harpoon, but once I read a weekly who speaks about a game called Harpoon II. So I through my Atari and bought a Compaq DX4-100. Now I have a P100/16Mo/1.2Mo/17'' with a Miro 12PD video which does not run really good with Harpoon II (if someone has an idea?). And so I subscribe to Internet, and this list.

I served in the french Army during one month (please do not laugh!) in a nuclear artillery squadron.

Now, I am draftsman in a french firm which built equipments for aeronautics. It is a Dassault aviation's subsidiary called Intertechnique.

Now, I can not play with another game than a wargame.

Even working in a firm which works on militarian programs, I can not have informations about them (programs). People always says it is 'Defense secret'. Even if I ask if there is always Malafon on french ships! It is worst than in the former USSR.

That's all for now.

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